3-4 Proper care of the microscope

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The following rules, cautions and maintenance hints will help keep your microscope in good operating condition.

  1. Use both hands when carrying the microscope: one firmly grasping the arm of the microscope; the other beneath the base. Avoid jarring your microscope.

  2. To keep the microscope and lens systems clean:

  3. Never touch the lenses. If the lenses become dirty, wipe them gently with lens tissue.

  4. If blurred specks appear in the field of view this may be due to lint or smears on the eyepiece. If the specks move while rotating the eyepiece, the dust is on the eyepiece and cleaning the outer lens of the eyepiece is in order. If the quality of the image is improved by changing objective lenses, clean the objective lens with lens paper.

  5. Never leave a slide on the microscope when it is not in use.

  6. Always remove oil from the oil-immersion objective lens after its use. If by accident oil should get on either of the lower-power objective lenses, wipe it off immediately with lens tissue.

  7. Keep the stage of the microscope clean and dry. If any liquids are spilled, dry the stage with a piece of cheesecloth. If oil should get on the stage moisten a piece of cheesecloth with xylol and clean the stage, then wipe it dry.

  8. When not in use, store your microscope in its cabinet. Put the low power objective lens into position at its lowest point above the stage. Be sure that the mechanical stage does not extend beyond the edge of the microscope stage. Wrap the electrical cord around the base.

    To avoid breaking the microscope:

  9. Never force the adjustments. All adjustments should work freely and easily. If anything does not work correctly, do not attempt to fix it yourself, immediately notify your instructor.

  10. Never allow an objective lens to jam into or even to touch the slide or cover-slip.

  11. Never focus downward with the coarse adjustment while you are looking through the microscope. Always incline your head to the side with eyes parallel to the slide and watch the objective as you move it closer to the slide. This will prevent you from smashing the objective into the slide.

  12. Never exchange the objective or eyepiece lenses of different microscopes, and never under any circumstances remove the front lenses from objective lenses.

  13. Never attempt to carry two microscopes at one time

If you follow these rules, you will never have trouble with your microscope.

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