Virtual Microbiology

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Chapter 1 Microorganisms in the Environment

Chapter 2 Basic Pure Culture Techniques

Chapter 3 Microscopy and staining

Chapter 4 Quantitative Microbiology

Chapter 5 Selected aspects of bacterial growth and nutrition

Chapter 6 Bacterial Motility

Chapter 7 Characterization and Identification of Bacteria

Chapter 8 An Introduction to Bacterial Genetics

Chapter 9 Bacteriophages, the Viruses of Bacteria

Chapter 10 Inhibition and Killing of Microorganisms

Chapter 11 Isolation of Bacteria From Natural Sources

Chapter 12 Lactic Acid Bacteria and an Introduction to Food Microbiology

Chapter 13 Selected genera of medical importance

Chapter 14 The enteric bacteria (the family Enterobacteriaceae)

Chapter 15 The Bacteriological Examination of Water

Chapter 16 Pathogenicity and virulence

Chapter 17 A final unknown identification

Chapter 18 Appendices